Really quick, before I get into why I want that old thing back, I really need to address a serious issue.  It is NEVER and I mean NEVER okay to assume a woman is pregnant and ask/or make comments about an unconfirmed baby bump!!!

After 2 c-sections, 19 months apart, I can sometimes have that late 1st trimester (maybe even 2nd trimester) look. On different occasions, I have had people ask if I wanted a boy or girl this time, if I was sure I was ready for another one in diapers, and even told that I better get a pickle before my baby starts kicking. (Looooong blank stare) Just rude!

To be honest, I am starting to feel numb to the questions and comments about me looking pregnant, but every once in a while it can really tear me apart.  I’m talking a full on water works production.  Listen, I know pregnant women are totally adorable, but please take a second to think about how bad you would feel if the woman you congratulated walked away in shame with a face full of tears.


Okay, now let’s move on to how I am working on getting that old thing back. I know that I will more than likely never get back to that perfect size 2, but I would love to not only be healthy, but to also love the body I see in the mirror.

Self C

An Open Letter to Myself (and to anyone else that needs a little motivation)

  • Take care of yourself; spiritually, mentally, and physically. Don’t get caught up in putting everyone before yourself. Wake up early to have that “ME” time to get yourself together. Seriously, schedule time for you! I absolutely love the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” because it’s so true. Pour into yourself first.
  • See yourself as beautiful, not to be measured by the scale or any mirror. With the help of God, your body produced a miracle, stretched far and wide to birth a blessing.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear clothes that FIT. Wearing baggy clothes can sometimes only make it worse.
  • Once you have truly accepted yourself just as you are, decide on the changes you want to make. It can be anything from making healthier food choices, eating smaller portions, and making an effort to start exercising or to exercise more often.
  • Set realistic goals! I am so guilty of trying ANYTHING to lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks. I may lose a pound or 2, but it never works. It undeniably takes time a dedication.
  • Stop making excuses, period!!!
  • Find yourself an accountability partner that believes in you and wants to see you succeed.
  • Last but certainly not least, (this one is for me specifically) you cannot reward yourself for doing any of the above with food or sweets!!!! I can hear you now, “Since I’ve eaten healthy all week, I’m going to have myself a burger…..with bacon, fries, and a root beer!” I’m not saying to never have cheat dates, but realize it can be a very slippery slope.

Self Care

All that I seek is already within me. – Louise Hay

It is time to get back to self love and care. Who’s with me ladies (and the men who support us)?!?!