The day I fell in love with my husband I knew my lifelong goal was to be his devoted and supportive wife. Then the babies were thrown into the mix and my goals list grew. To be a strong wife, nurturing mother, thriving professional. You know……

“Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business” -Beyoncé

I never prepared myself for what would happen if I didn’t maintain these goals. What if I had a bad day, fell apart, and God forrbid a case of PMS? I can say for sure that I’ve experienced times when I felt like a complete failure as a wife and mother simply because I’m not perfect. I had to realize that it’s ok to not be perfect all the time.

The busier life became for us as a family, the more “bad days” I had. I was more impatient and irritable than ever before and we all know if Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy. I had to fix this (work STILL in progress).

With the help of my husband, family, and friends, I figured out the issue. Wanting to be the picture of perfection and love on everyone around me, I put myself dead last. My husband would encourage me get out and do things, but I was so lost I didn’t even know what that looked like! If given the choice, I would spend every moment I have surrounded by my family, exhausted and all.

My Steps to Self Love and Care

  • As my mom would say, be intentional! Make a vow to yourself to take at least 10 minutes out of each day to spend alone. For me, this is once before I wake the kids and again as soon as we get home in the evening. Schedule “me” time and never miss that appointment. Even Superwoman needs it. ♥
  • Do what you love as often as possible. I know this is hard to do when you’re tired and unmotivated, but you’ll feel so much better when you just do it. You owe it to yourself! Get your hair done, polish your toes, read a book, write, dance, sing, the list is endless. It can take some soul searching to find things you love because it changes with age. Trust me, I learned to knit last year! Again, it’s worth it!!
  • Surround yourself with positivity! I’m so thankful for my family and friends who pour positivity into me constantly. I’ve even gone the extra mile to expand my tribe with other moms, Christian women, and entrepreneurs. I think it is very important to not only have people that you can relate to, but also people who are where you wish to be in any aspect of your journey.
  • Most importantly, never lose YOU! YOU are a very important factor in the life of your husband, kids, family, and all the people placed in your life. God only made one for a reason. Take care of you so you can live out your purpose!

Here is a list of very inpspirational groups that I have joined on Facebook that have made a huge difference in my life.
Be a Goal Getter with Jereshia Hawk – A Free Accountablity Group

Brunch and Slay “We Build We Win”

M. O. M. – a group of phenomenal mommies!!

I would love to see you in any of these groups!! Do you have any recommendations for awesome groups or self-care tips?